Usage rules of TS

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Usage rules of TS

Postby [iM]UncleTaz » 24 Apr 2012 20:03

Team Speak usage rules - read thoroughly!

Members of Immortals are allowed to invite a friend to TS.

As friend of an Immortal you have gained access to this part of the Forum. Below you will find the rules with which you agree as soon as you first login to Teamspeak.

  1. Provoking nicknames are not allowed. Changing your nickname is discouraged to prevent confusion. Nicknames should always match the nickname on the forum. In case you would want to change this, contact an administrator
  2. The [iM] tag is only for members. It is thus not allowed to use this tag (even though your clan might have the same tag!)
  3. Cheating is not allowed in any way or method!
  4. Cursing, name calling or foul language is not allowed
  5. Treat the [iM] members and others present with respect!
  6. The TeamSpeak server password shall not be given to anyone! ([iM] members are allowed to invite friends by providing the pw)
  7. Inviting your friends is not allowed. Members of Immortals are the only ones allowed to do so, be sure to ask your member friend to do so on your behalf.
  8. Administrators of the forum and TS (including Daily Management) are allowed to revoke or change your rights to TS at any time.
  9. Not adhering to the above rules may lead to your TS and forum access to be revoked or minimized
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