Postby [iM]Mallorn » 04 Apr 2016 09:33

Yes, the bullet is through the church ;) (sry non Dutchies)

I'll be attending the Campzone outdoor LAN event this year.
2012 Was the last time I visited with some old TG members and I thought that would be the last of Campzone for me.

To my suprise the new Campzone location is Kronenberg. Which is exactly a 8 km drive from my home. I checked my calendar and there were some empty spots so I thought why not?
Found myself a tent (with guys I never met before, so fingers crossed. Oldest guy is 33 so I'm gonna up the average age quite a bit) and bought myself a ticket.

Its done... I'll be there... august 12th - august 15th. (I wont go full event, I dont have a deathwish nor time)

Feel free to join me :bordlol
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Re: Campzone

Postby [iM]StaRBuCks » 05 Apr 2016 21:25

Super awesome bro.. 8 km from your home.. wow..
Jammer.. i wil be on vacation myself during that time..
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